3 Tips For Selecting An Engagement Ring

Choosing the right engagement ring is often one of the most nerve-wrecking decisions you will make. Before you panic and over-think your decision, there are ways to narrow your list of options and find a ring your partner will love. Avoid Substantial Debt You likely have a budget and it is important to avoid substantial debt from an engagement ring. When you have a small budget, it is best to focus on certain characteristics when selecting the diamond and setting.

How Fire Agate Differs From Opal: An Investigation Into "Rainbow" Stones

Fire agate and opal are similar in that they both reflect iridescent rainbow colors. However, they are also very different sorts of semi-precious stones. The following highlights their more unique properties, in case you were looking for fire agate for sale and run into opals instead. Formation Opal is formed under low temperatures and is considered a silica stone, while fire agate is formed under extremely high temperatures and is considered chalcedony. It does not take much to form an opal, but it takes a lot to form a fire agate.

3 Reasons To Purchase Body Jewelry From A Body Jewelry Store

If you have a body piercing and are looking for a great place to shop for body jewelry, then you should consider going to a body jewelry store. As the name states, this is a store that focuses exclusively on body jewelry, so you have the comfort of knowing that this is their specialty. This article is going to discuss 3 reasons to purchase body jewelry from a body jewelry store.

Collaborate With A Jeweler To Create A Custom Ring

A custom-designed and created ring is a highly valued possession because it is a unique creation that no one else has. Jewelers like to create new and different designs and will be pleased to work with you to come up with a truly unusual custom ring. Here are some things to consider when you and your jeweler collaborate on the design of a custom ring just for you:  Secret Message:  You can have your jeweler engrave or stamp a secret message into the interior surface of your custom ring such as a meaningful line of poetry or the lyrics from a special song.

Two Ways To Increase The Money You Get When Selling Your Gold

One of the most useful ways to make a bit of extra money is to consider selling any extra gold jewelry, coins, or other items that you may have around your house. However, you want to be very careful when selling your gold in order to ensure that you get as much money as possible for those items. Listed below are two ways to increase the amount of money you can get when selling gold.