5 Indicators Of A Modern Engagement Or Wedding Ring Style

Do you want a modern engagement or wedding ring? One key to identifying what makes a ring style modern or not, is knowing the hallmarks of modern ring taste. To help you identify these, here are five things to look for. 

1. Surprises. Unexpected decorative features catch the eye and break the old rules. This could be anything from asymmetry to a surprising rotation in the positioning of the gem. Surprises indicate that the design isn't hampered by the past and traditions. They're also a great chance to make your rings fit your and your fiancé's modern personalities and lifestyles. 

2. Simplicity. Choose the most important features for you, and look for rings that focus just on these. A ring that tries too hard to fit in disparate elements, motifs, shapes, styles, and embellishments is unnecessarily complex. Clean lines are simple, eye-catching, and they create stunning focal points. They are also budget-friendly, and reflect the modern trend away from lavish displays. 

3. Colors. Modern engagement and wedding rings don't adhere to the traditional rules about gem colors. While the diamond is still a key part of most rings, other colors and gems give them a modern flair. Try including birthstones, favorite colors, wedding hues, or just unique gems that will make your fiancé's ring stand out. 

4. Band Embellishments. Giving the band a boost is a hallmark of modern design. Look for an architectural or sculptural flair in the band, embedded features, twists, or even dual bands on one ring. The band should serve as more than just a way to keep the gems on the finger but rather a chance to express a unique personality. 

5. Setting Choices. Today's ring designers have many choices when it comes to settings. Pave settings are certainly one of the most popular and newest settings. But you might also opt to surround the center stone with a halo, a stout bezel, tension between band arms, or an infinity setting. These settings can take even the most common ring designs and make them strong and unique. 

Where to Learn More

Ready to go out and find the modern ring that suits you as a couple? Begin by meeting with an experienced jeweler in your area. They can help you understand how to see these modern indicators as you ring shop, or how to incorporate them if designing your own.

For more information on rings, stop by or visit a jeweler online today.