Second Wedding? Dos And Don'ts To Find The Perfect Rings

A second marriage is a special thing. Finding love after a failed marriage can be difficult, but it's also very rewarding. The second wedding itself, though, can be a challenge to plan and execute. While it's a wedding like others, it's also the union of two people at a different point in their lives. So it should be just as unique as they are.

How can you make your wedding unique right down to the rings you wear? Here are a few dos and don'ts to lead you to a unique and beautiful second wedding ring choice. 

1. Don't Get a Repeat Ring. 

The less your new wedding ring reminds you — and others — of your first ring, the better. Look for options that differ from your first choices — including the cut, metal, gemstones, and motifs. This prevents comparisons and shows that you and your new spouse have a completely different relationship than any marriage that failed in the past. 

2. Do Incorporate Your Family.

If there are children in your relationship, why not honor them in your wedding ring choice? No matter whether they are grown children, small children, babies, or step-children, incorporating something of them into wedding ring design helps bond the family. 

3. Don't Reuse the Stones.

The temptation to recycle old wedding ring diamonds may be strong. It can save significant money. But reusing an old gem from a failed marriage is often considered bad luck. And it may even cause some unwanted tension in the family or between the couple. Instead, find other ways to get money for that old gem and use it to buy a new one. 

4. Do Be Practical.

Wedding rings should be romantic gestures, but you're also busy adults who know the value of being practical. If your spouse works with their hands or enjoys sports, opt for a ring that will stand up to the wear. And if your budget doesn't allow for extravagance, maturity will move you to be reasonable about spending. 

5. Don't Overlook Alternatives.

Think outside the box for a truly unique second ring experience. Why not opt for their favorite gem instead of a diamond? Use alternative materials like silicone or wood. Or choose a style that doesn't even look like a wedding ring. The choices are limitless, and you don't need to be hemmed in by traditional ideas about what makes a wedding ring. After all, you already did that once! 

If you follow these few dos and don'ts, the result will be a wedding ring that is unique to your new relationship. It will be the perfect complement to this new journey you and your spouse are embarking on.