What's Old Is New: Antique Jewelry In A Modern Consumer's World

Historically, jewelry has long been a means of external adornment. Often using fine jewels and expert craftsmanship, it has been used to display ranks of status, commitment of romantic relationships and even one's own personal, creative expression. From amulets and crowns that were worn by royalty to the diamond ring that adorned the blushing bride's finger, jewelry has served as an outward symbol of significance. For decades, antique jewelry has been sought out to commemorate past eras where craftsmanship was valued and ensured quality pieces. Though antique jewelry was often found to be on the pricier side, the history and the superb character of the pieces themselves made up for the price. But where does antique jewelry and its greater significance fit into a world that demands results immediately? 

Fast fashion can be seen almost everywhere and even jewelry is subject to this method of mass production. With the emphasis on get-it-now availability and cheap prices, many consumers disregard handmade pieces altogether in favor of jewelry that is often lower quality and at a cheaper price. With this culture of instant gratification also comes a threat not only to antique jewelry itself, but those that offer services such as repairs, sizing and design. Shop owners and those who repair jewelry now find themselves competing with cheap imitations of trending designs and the ever-growing presence of the online shopping world. However, even though it appears that the institution of antique jewelry and its services may be lost in this modern world, hope still holds out that there will be an interest once again in purchasing these pieces. Even in the highly-acclaimed Spring/Summer 2020 Fashion Week in New York City and abroad, antique-inspired pieces made an appearance on the runway. Bold designs and quality jewels such as emeralds and diamonds graced the models as they showcased what appears to be a superb future trend. 

Though what the future holds for antique jewelry is uncertain, antique craftsmanship and design is trending. According to an article by The National Jeweler, antique pieces appear to be selling well through e-commerce and social media outlets such as Instagram. In the end, it is important to note that though trends can come and go, quality pieces will always remain timeless. Craftsmanship to the highest degree will always be valued and as such, will also require the proper services to maintain the jewelry's integrity. Those who service and sell antique jewelry may indeed be looking at a future that is entirely based online or through social media, yet they will still provide the timeless antique jewelry pieces that will surely be sought after.