5 Things To Consider When Choosing Diamond Earrings For Your Child

A pair of diamond earrings is a child's first accessory. While you want to choose a stylish earring, you also want to protect your child's safety. From piercing to choosing a pair of diamond earrings for your young child, here are some of the things you should look out for:

1. Piercing Age

The age at which a parent decides to pierce their child's ears is a personal decision. However, some suggest that's it's wise to wait until the child has received their 4-month vaccinations. From poor cleaning to irritation caused by the child pulling at the earring, an infection can develop around the piercing site. It's thought that the more vaccinations the child has, the greater their immunity.

2. Carat 

It's always wise to err on the side of caution when it comes to choosing a carat size for a young child's diamond earrings. Your child has a small earlobe and an earring that is too large will be uncomfortable, as it can weigh their earlobe down. If you decide to pierce your child's ears as a baby, you probably don't want to choose a diamond larger than about 1/10 of a carrot. Even for an older child, it's best to keep the size less than ½ a carat for greater comfort.

3. Metal

Young children can be especially sensitive to metals that contain nickel. For some children, metal sensitivity can cause itching and for others, it can cause an uncomfortable rash. For this reason, stainless steel is often the preferred metal style for children's diamond earrings because it is more allergen safe. If you prefer gold, make sure it's a high-quality gold for the least risk of a reaction.

4. Style

Now isn't the time to get to fancy when it comes to earring styles. By far, the most comfortable and versatile style of diamond earrings for young children are studs. Studs fit close to the ear, are compact, and are much harder for a child to grab a hold to. In terms of safety, followed by studs, a tiny hoop can sometimes be suitable. However, you should avoid any earrings with moving of dangling parts.

5. Comfort

If the earring is not comfortable in your child's ears — they won't be happy. In addition to choosing the right size and style of a diamond earring, you should also look at its back. Always choose an earring with a screw back for a baby or toddler. Screw back earrings don't have an exposed sharp-ended post, which can poke the child's skin. Instead, the end of the post is enclosed to eliminate poking.

Your child's diamond earrings should be comfortable and safe, so make sure that you keep all of these tips in mind.