Are You Looking For A Unique Piece Of Jewelry For Your Wife?

Is there a special reason you are shopping for jewelry for your wife? Perhaps she has a birthday coming up, or maybe it will be your anniversary soon. No matter the occasion, do you already have a plan of action? If so, happy shopping to you! 

On the other hand, maybe you need some ideas for what to buy your wife. From shopping for antique jewelry to arranging for antique jewelry services, here are some ideas that might help you.

​Look For Antique Jewelry - Obviously you could go to a regular jewelry store and you could find beautiful items that your wife would love. However, if you are wanting a truly unique gift, consider looking for antique jewelry. Check out places like antique stores and resale shops. You might even go to estate sales where unique pieces of jewelry will be for sale. 

You might be blessed enough to have your mother or grandmother, or another close relative, offer you a piece of antique jewelry that has family history. For example, maybe your grandmother will be generous enough to offer the brooch that her husband gave her when she had her first baby. Or, maybe your mother will give you the string of pearls she wore on her wedding day, and which was also worn by her mother and her grandmother. Talk about a unique and sentimental gift!

Antique Jewelry Services - Whether you found a beautiful pair of screw-back antique earrings or whether you were given an antique bejeweled brooch, the piece of jewelry might need attention. If so, take the jewelry to antique jewelry services where it will be cleaned and repaired. For example, if your wife would prefer earrings designed for pierced ears, the screw-back earrings can be converted to pierced earrings. 

Gemstones can even be added if there are any empty spaces on the jewelry you will be giving your wife. For example, maybe your aunt gave you a gold charm that has the word, Dearest spelled out with a tiny diamond, an emerald, an amethyst, a ruby, and so on. If one or more of the jewels is missing, repairs can be made so that each space is filled with the right stone. Perhaps the pearl necklace needs a new clasp. If that's the case, one can be added that will be true to the antique design of the necklace. 

You'll be surprised at how affordable antique jewelry services are. Just make sure to get the item of jewelry to the service facility in time to have the job done before the main event.