Why Should You Buy Crystal Birthstone Jewelry As A Gift?

The sparkle of a crystal can create an eye-catching display when worn as jewelry. Rondelle crystals, in particular, are eye-catching because the round, flattened crystals have faceted ends that are designed to capture the light and intensify the color of the stones. 

Why are rondelle crystals actually a superior choice to natural stones?

Because crystal is man-made, it's often possible to get colors that exceed the beauty and fire you can find in natural stones—which may actually look dull and unflattering by comparison. Plus, they're vastly less expensive than their natural counterparts. That's what makes crystal birthstone jewelry a perfect gift for someone you love.

What color of crystals should you buy for someone's birthstone?

Wearing one's birthstone is said to bring good luck and other positive benefits. The stones, whether natural or man-made, are thought to resonate with protective energy and enhance the wearer's most positive qualities.

Here are some of the traditional stones used for each birth month and their modern equivalents in crystal:

  • January -- Traditionally, garnets were used. A deep red crystal, like the color of fine wine, is the garnet's modern equal.
  • February -- The deep purple amethyst has long been associated with the second month of the year, so look for a dark purple crystal for someone born in this month.
  • March -- Aquamarine, which is a pale, icy sort of blue that often reminds people of water, can be exactly duplicated in crystal for someone born in March.
  • April -- April births are associated with diamonds or clear quartz, which means that people born in that month should choose clear, sparkling crystals for their birthstones.
  • May -- The deep green emerald is often by May babies as a birthstone. Unfortunately, emeralds are fragile and hard to come by, so a dark, forest-green crystal is a wonderful substitute.
  • June -- Moonstones were favored by people born in June because their pale colors seem to shift right before your eyes. The modern equal is a pale lavender crystal.
  • July -- July babies were thought to respond to fire-red rubies. Such stones today are very rare, so a bright red set of crystals can make a beautiful substitute.
  • August -- The pale green peridot symbolizes an August birth, but you can often find brighter, greener stones made in crystal. 
  • September -- The deep blue sapphire that looks like the bottomless sea is associated with this month. True sapphires, however, are very expensive, so crystal is a perfect solution.
  • October -- Pink tourmaline used to be used for October children, but tourmalines are fragile stones that don't make good jewelry. Find a bright pink pair of crystals to use instead.
  • November -- Yellow citrines were often used for November birthstones, but you can find gorgeous yellows of all shades in crystals these days.
  • December -- Turquoise, which is typically a greenish-blue, is the favorite for this month -- and the modern equal in a crystal is the same, although usually clearer.

Keep in mind, one of the nicest things about buying crystals is that you can slowly build a matching set with ease. For example, you can buy your beloved crystal birthstone rondelle earrings now, then follow it up with a matching necklace or ring on another special occasion. For more information, reach out to companies like Styles By JS.