Interesting Information About Amethyst

There are so many gorgeous gemstones to choose from, and each one brings something unique with it. However, one of the popular gemstones in the jewelry industry is the amethyst. Although amethyst is quite common, it still remains the favorite gemstone of many. It is also the birthstone for the month of February, making it a big favorite of most people born in the month of February. Here is some interesting information on amethyst that you may be interested in knowing.

Amethyst is popular in many pieces of jewelry

Amethyst is highly recognizable in many types of jewelry. Many like to see amethyst in earrings, necklaces, bracelets, anklets, and rings. Amethyst complements diamonds and many other gemstones nicely, making them a good choice for pieces of jewelry with multiple gemstones in them. Amethyst can also be found in the form of ornaments that have been made using both the amethyst and quartz. Another fantastic thing about amethyst is it goes great with all types of metals commonly used in jewelry. Some examples of these metals include silver, white gold, gold, titanium, brass, copper, and others. Amethyst even looks great with black leather for those that like jewelry made of leather.

Amethyst is used for a variety of other purposes

Although one of the more common gemstones used in all kinds of jewelry pieces, it can also be appreciated in other ways. Some people like to collect or display amethyst clusters, especially large clusters that have many amethyst crystals attached together. Others like to stick with collecting single amethyst crystals. Also, some people also like to collect and/or display amethyst geodes. A geode is a hollow, almost circular rock that contains the amethyst clusters inside of it. If you were to look at one side of the geode, it would look like a rock. If you then looked at the other side, you would see a mass of amethyst crystals that go all the way around the inner circumference with a hollowness in the center.

Amethyst jewelry can make great gifts

If you are looking for a great gift for someone, then you may want to get them a nice piece of amethyst jewelry, such as an amethyst sterling silver bracelet. When you give someone a nice amethyst bracelet, you will be giving them something that they are going to be able to cherish and enjoy for many years to come.