Accessorizing With Sterling Silver This Summer? How To Protect Your Jewelry

Now that summer is here, you probably want to accessorize your outfits. However, if you're accessorizing with sterling silver jewelry, you'll want to take care. You might not realize this, but summer conditions can wreak havoc on your sterling silver jewelry. Here are four summer spots that you'll need to be careful to avoid damaging or losing your jewelry.

Take Care in the Ocean

If you have sterling silver jewelry, it's crucial that you avoid wearing it in the ocean. Saltwater can destroy the finish of your jewelry. Not only that, but the granules of sand can rub small grooves and scratches into the finish. To avoid that, it's best that you leave your sterling silver jewelry at home when you're heading to the ocean.

Beware of Cold Water

You might think that lakes and streams are safe for your sterling silver jewelry, but that's not necessarily accurate. While the water in lakes and streams won't damage sterling silver, the temperature of the water can cause a problem. This is particularly true if you're wearing sterling silver rings or bracelets. You see, cold water causes the skin on your fingers to constrict, which shrinks the size of your fingers. As a result, your rings and bracelets can slip right off without you even noticing it. To avoid losing your jewelry, avoid wearing sterling silver rings and bracelets in cold water, such as lakes and rivers.

Keep Garden Dirt Away

If you're going to be doing gardening this summer, be sure to remove your sterling silver rings. Because sterling silver is a softer metal, it can be severely damaged by things like rocks, gravel, and dirt. To avoid that, you should never wear any sterling silver jewelry on your hands while you're gardening. In fact, it's a good idea to leave all your sterling silver jewelry in the house while you're gardening. Things like sweat, sunscreen, and bug repellent can all lead to discoloration.

Avoid Chlorinated Water

If your summer activities are going to include swimming pools and hot tubs, it's best to leave your sterling silver jewelry at home. Pools and hot tubs don't contain salt water, and they're not usually cold, but they do contain high concentrations of chlorine. Unfortunately, chlorine can tarnish and discolor your sterling silver jewelry.

If you like to accessorize your summer wardrobe, you'll need to take care with your sterling silver jewelry. The tips provided here will help you protect your sterling silver from damage and loss. For more information, contact a company like J  Austin &  Co.