Choosing Gifts For Your School's Tennis Team: Three Options To Consider

When it comes to rewarding your school's tennis team, there are lots of different options to choose from. If you are planning to host a banquet or other event at the end of the season, here are a few gift ideas to consider for your athletes.

Enameled Tennis Jewelry

Enameled tennis jewelry gives your athletes something they can wear to practice or to some matches, depending on how stringent the rules are. Consider items that won't interfere with play, such as stud-style earrings or pendants on short chains. You can find these items in the shape of tennis rackets or balls, and they come in a variety of colors. Look for custom options, such as adding each student's birthstone, to make these jewelry gifts truly memorable. You can also have the pieces engraved on the back with your school's name for a thoughtful finishing touch. Charm bracelets with tennis-themed charms are also a great option for a jewelry gift. Contact a company like Studio Margaret for more tennis jewelry ideas.

Personalized Tennis Towels

Having towels to dry sweat in between sets is essential for any tennis player, so consider giving the gift of personalized tennis towels to each player. Choose a design with an embroidered racket or tennis ball, and add the name of each student to his or her towel. You can also add your school's name and the year as an extra way to customize these gift. Pair it with a tennis-themed gift bag, and consider adding a few other items, such as sweatbands or a visor that can be worn to matches. You can also use a tennis racket bag instead of a gift bag to present these trinkets to your team members.

Team Apparel

Have team apparel designed for your athletes to help boost school pride and keep them comfortable at practices or matches. Sweatshirts, T-shirts, and polo-style tops are all great options. You can also have custom headbands and wristbands made for your team to complement the other pieces of apparel. Use your school's colors and mascots on these items, and consider creating jackets with each athlete's name embroidered for a team-themed option they can wear all year long.

Work with your school's booster club to raise funds for these gifts, and plan a special event to celebrate your athletes. The gifts can be given in addition to any trophies you might hand out for your top performers, which ensures that everyone who worked hard during the season can be recognized for their contributions to the team.