Ways To Expand Your Jewelry Collection Inexpensively

Most people would love to own a varied collection of jewelry that reflected every color in the rainbow and included every type of precious metal. Costume jewelry is generally inexpensive, but you can't really hope to wear a pair of faux diamond earrings every day without them showing wear. Genuine gold jewelry can be worn for a lifetime, but you have to pay more for higher end pieces. House of Harlow jewelry features high quality, modern choices for women who want a range of options that can be worn on special occasions as well as to the office interchangeably. If you want to add more jewelry to your personal collection that will not easily break or tarnish, pay attention to these useful tips:

Construction Is Key

No matter what, well-made jewelry doesn't easily bend or break. That doesn't mean that you should test out the construction quality of your new jewelry by smacking it with a hammer, but you do want pieces that look and feel sturdy. You can usually look closely at a piece of jewelry to see how it has been soldered together, and inspect each joint and groove for signs of quality workmanship. All House of Harlow jewelry is released in limited edition, meaning that each design is only manufactured a restricted number of times before being discontinued to ensure quality and exclusivity. 

Choose Jewelry That is Versatile

Buying hard to find jewelry doesn't mean that it should be hard to wear. You can find chunky, funky, and eclectic pieces for your growing jewelry collection without feeling like they can only be worn with one specific outfit that you own. You should be buying quality jewelry that makes your entire wardrobe look great. Buy House of Harlow jewelry that compliments ripped jeans and oversized t-shirts, and that will also look stunning with your one-piece summer rompers.

Look For Seasonal Jewelry Sales

Like clothing, jewelry collections tend to go on sale at the end of every given season. Jewelry made to be worn during the summer tends to be lighter and delicately constructed. Earrings, bracelets, and other jewelry meant to be worn in the fall and winter might feature darker colors and heavier metals. You can have an ever evolving jewelry collection that slowly expands over time by seeking out seasonal sales, and buying House of Harlow jewelry collections so that you are able to get all of the matching pieces to a particular set at one time.