3 Tips For Selecting An Engagement Ring

Choosing the right engagement ring is often one of the most nerve-wrecking decisions you will make. Before you panic and over-think your decision, there are ways to narrow your list of options and find a ring your partner will love.

Avoid Substantial Debt

You likely have a budget and it is important to avoid substantial debt from an engagement ring. When you have a small budget, it is best to focus on certain characteristics when selecting the diamond and setting. Choose diamonds with simple cuts, such as round or cushion, to keep the costs lower. Try to focus more on the diamond than the setting. A simple gold band will be sufficient. In the future, you can always have the diamond added to a more elaborate setting if you have the funds. For most people with a limited budget, a one-quart to one-half carat solitary ring is often the most economical option. Choose a diamond with a lower clarity rating to reduce the cost. Many of these imperfections are not noticeable to the untrained eye or require high magnification to see.

Consider Flattering Options

Unless your partner has a clear preference for the cut and/or setting of the ring, choose an option that is most flattering for their hand. For example, if your partner has a larger ring size or big hands, some rings will only make their hands appear larger. Choose a diamond cut with more angles and a thicker band can appear more flattering. Look for square or rectangular cut diamonds, such as the emerald cut. A person with thinner fingers or overall delicate hands may find round stones with a thin band do not appear abnormally large on their finger. Similarly, an elaborate setting can be overwhelming if your partner has petite hands.

Highlight Their Personality

The engagement ring you choose can be a way to highlight your partner's personality. If your partner is proudly eccentric or enjoys standing out, their ring should reflect this quality. One uncommon option is to select a trilliant-cut diamond. Although this may be more expensive, since it is not a traditional diamond cut, the triangular shape of the diamond is a unique option. Other options include choosing a non-white diamond. Chocolate diamonds are increasingly popular and certainly attention-grabbing. If your partner is not a big fan of wearing jewelry and/or more on the introverted side, you likely want to choose a ring and setting that is elegant, but will not make your partner feel like they are attracting unwanted attention. Thinking about your partner's personality is one of the most important aspects of choosing an engagement ring.

With many options for engagement rings, the choices can seem overwhelming. Fortunately, there are numerous ways to find the ideal ring and to fit it into your budget.