Collaborate With A Jeweler To Create A Custom Ring

A custom-designed and created ring is a highly valued possession because it is a unique creation that no one else has. Jewelers like to create new and different designs and will be pleased to work with you to come up with a truly unusual custom ring. Here are some things to consider when you and your jeweler collaborate on the design of a custom ring just for you: 

Secret Message:  You can have your jeweler engrave or stamp a secret message into the interior surface of your custom ring such as a meaningful line of poetry or the lyrics from a special song. No one can see this secret message unless you take your ring off and show it to them. 

Gemstones:  Gemstones have intrigued humans for thousands of years. Different gemstones are believed to have unique powers and energies and can be worn to enhance your personality. You can include your birthstone in a custom ring or chose a gemstone that is believed to bring you the powers that you would like to have in your life. Your jeweler can tell you about the meanings and powers of different gemstones and suggest gemstone choices for your custom ring. 

Custom Drawing and Pattern:  If you like to draw, you can show some of your drawings to your jeweler to create a custom pattern that can be etched onto your ring. To do this, your jeweler can scan one of your drawings into a computer program and scale it down to fit onto the metal of your custom ring. The lines of your drawing can be highlighted when framed with a plain border to emphasize them. For a distinctive look, ask your jeweler to etch your drawing around the entire band of your custom ring. 

Spinner Ring:  A spinner ring is a single ring made of two rings that spin around each other. A large ring sits on your finger and a smaller ring spins on top of the large ring. These two rings are independent of each other but are joined together to make one ring. Spinner rings can be meaningful engagement or wedding rings for both men and women. For contrast, you can have your jeweler make the top ring in gold and the bottom ring in sterling silver. To personalize your ring, ask your jeweler to stamp or etch your own personal symbols and names on each of the two rings. On the inside surface of the large ring, you can have the date that you met or married etched or engraved into the metal. 

Work with your jeweler to design a ring that is as unique as you are. You can bring preliminary sketches and ideas to your jeweler and ask him or her to add their expertise and ideas to the design. Your jeweler can then come up with more sketches and ideas for your approval. Give yourself and your jeweler plenty of time to come up with a final custom design. After your ring is completed you can wear it proudly knowing that you participated in designing it. 

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