Two Ways To Increase The Money You Get When Selling Your Gold

One of the most useful ways to make a bit of extra money is to consider selling any extra gold jewelry, coins, or other items that you may have around your house. However, you want to be very careful when selling your gold in order to ensure that you get as much money as possible for those items. Listed below are two ways to increase the amount of money you can get when selling gold.

Make Sure To Have A Professional Appraise The Items First

One of the most important things that you can do when selling your gold items is to make sure you have a professional appraise the items first. For example, if you have gold coins to sell, make sure that you stop by a coin appraiser before selling the coins because you may find that the value of one of your coins is higher if sold to a coin collector rather than to a service that will melt the coin down just for the gold content.

You also want to consider seeing a jeweler before selling any old or antique jewelry. You might have an especially rare piece of jewelry that is far more valuable if it is left intact and sold to a jeweler or collector rather than sold to a gold buyer. This is a very important step because most gold buyers are not familiar with the collectible value of any coins or jewelry -- they are only concerned about the gold content of the items that you are selling.

Divide Your Gold Items Based On Karats

Another useful way to get more money when you sell your gold is to divide all of your items based on karat content, or the purity of the gold. This is vital when selling gold because many of the gold buying services will typically just weigh all your gold at once, and base the purchase offer for the gold on the lowest karat value. However, many gold buying services will be more than okay with weighing the karats separately and making offers accordingly if you request it.

Speak with a gold buyer today in order to discuss what you can do to increase the money you can get selling your gold. Making sure to have a professional appraise the items first and dividing your gold items based on karats are both effective ways to increase the amount of money that you may receive. If you're interested in learning more, check out the website at